Olive Oil Is Your Way to Mass And Weight Loss

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Olive OilI’m always reaching for new ideas for posts. I suck at it, but I do have periods of inspiration. I thought I’d share a recipe. I found this recipe to be excellent and I’ve used it myself. I can’t take credit for it because it’s not mine.

I got it off some bodybuilding forum from a poster named Lil’Lifter. If you happen to know this guy, pass the word along to him.

This recipe takes a different approach from weight loss; this is for putting on the pounds. A lot of weight gainers on the market are full of sugar, and it’s extremely hard to find ones that are good.

This is a 900 calorie drink, so get the blender out and get started. Please note that the breakdown of the food is represented as P for Protein, C for Carbs and F for Fat.

Also, note that the failure is also related to the ingredients I have.


2 cups of milk (1%): 16P 23C 05F
1/2 cup of oatmeal: 05P 23C 03F
2 tsp of peanut butter: 03P 01C 05F
1 banana: 01P 26C 03F
1 scoop of whey protein: 22P 02C 02F
2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil: 00P 00C 27F
Total: 47P 75C 45F (893 calories)

Put all this stuff in a blender and blend until you got something consistent. Next step is to consume. Lil’Lifter recommends having one of these about 90 minutes before a workout. I hope you enjoy.

Hi, this blog is here to help discuss all aspects of weight lifting workouts as well as the mental and diet side of things. I hope to help everyone achieve their goals through weight lifting and other exercises.

Also, will spend a lot of my time talking about the mental game of weightlifting workouts to help you better perform when real life seems to be stressing you out.

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